Pet Owner Tips To Prevent A/C Problems

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Pet Owner Tips To Prevent A/C Problems

Many homeowners in Rockwall, TX have already included their furry pets as part of their family. But sad to say, these hairy little creatures can pose great harm in your air conditioning system. To manage your comfort amidst the presence of these furry little creatures, here are some tips that you should take note.

Take Care Of Your Pets

Just like you need regular bathing and cleaning, your pets also need to be groomed and cleaned to stay comfortable. Doing so does not just make your pets even more huggable and cuddlier, but it also reduces the amount of pet hair and dander that circulate in your indoor air.

Consider Their Comfort

When you set the thermostat, make sure to consider the comfort of your furry friends. Studies show that when pets become irritable, they tend to scratch and shed more hair and dander around the area. The comfort of your pets is not at the same level as yours, but it is also important to think about their comfort and safety as well.

Clean Air Filters Regularly

With pets inside your home, your air filters are given an extra load in keeping your indoor air quality clean. The filters can easily be clogged with hair and dander, so it is important to replace your air filters regularly. This will not just help your air conditioner to work efficiently but also to ensure a clean and healthy air inside your home.

Consider an Air Purifier

Air purifiers aid in keeping high indoor air quality. This is especially helpful for members of your family who suffer from allergies and respiratory illnesses. There are vast options of air purifiers on the market. The best option for you will depend on your needs, budget and how big or small your space is.

Get Help from the Pro

Your partnership with a reliable heating and cooling contractor will help you in keeping the right performance of your heating and cooling system. Even with your pets around, a regular schedule of maintenance service will save your equipment and indoor air quality from the risks brought by the accumulation of pet hair and dander.

Your pets are your pride and joy. You can always keep them inside without compromising the performance of your air conditioning system. Call us at Rockwall One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating for expert advice and assistance.


What Should The A/C Be Set At In The Summer?

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What should the AC be set at in the summer?

Comfort is a complicated subject, and it can vary from one person to another. That’s why when you ask what the perfect temperature should be set at for the summer months; you can not have an exact and defined answer.

Our experts at Rockwall One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating give you these two helpful pieces of advice to know the right setting for your air conditioning system this summer.

  • If you are more on the comfort aspect, focus not on your thermostat but the temperature that makes you feel comfortable inside your home.
  • If you are in for the savings, try raising the temperature from 74° F. In every degree that you raise the thermostat setting, you can get up to 3-5% saving on cooling costs.

Many people fight over the thermostat especially for the peak seasons like the summer and winter. This is primarily because of the differences in comfort level and the money that flows along with the adjustments in the temperature setting. So what’s the best setting for your air conditioning unit this summer? Well, you should probably ask yourself which to prioritize between comfort and savings.

If you want to achieve these two important concerns this hot season, here are some tips that you should take note.

  • Take advantage of cooler night temperature. Open the windows overnight to let in cool air and close them at daylight. Be sure to keep the shades and curtains drawn on hot days.
  • Don’t let the heat get into your home. Take advantage of the weather to dry your clothes and cook outside. Be sure also to use your exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom. Checking and improving your home’s insulation is also an important concern. Be sure to find and seal the leaks that cause outside air to get in.
  • Invest on Programmable Thermostats. You can get great savings and comfort with a programmable thermostat. It learns your schedule and allows you to manipulate the temperature inside your home via your smartphone.
  • Zoning System. With a zoning system, each member of your family can set their desired temperature without affecting the comfort of other members. You can also set a different temperature in unused parts of the house to save on cooling costs.

If you want to optimize your comfort and savings this summer season, call the experts at Rockwall One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating. We have just the right tools for you.