3 Reasons You’re Losing $$$ in Cooling Your Home

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3 Reasons You’re Losing $$$ in Cooling Your Home

It is already an obvious fact for many homeowners in Rockwall, TX that as the outside temperature increases, so is their energy bill. But, did you know that it does not have to be this way? Here are the most common reasons why you are spending big bucks on your monthly cooling expenses. We have also included some helpful tips to save money without sacrificing the comfort inside your home.

  1. Poor Insulation

When the hot outdoor air enters your home, that is when the real pressure on your air conditioning system begins. Your unit tends to work harder and longer which means, a greater amount of energy is consumed. With proper insulation, most especially in the walls, attics, floors, doors, and windows, you can prevent cooling loss in your home. You can never be sure, however, if your home has enough insulation, so it is a good idea to schedule a professional home energy assessment with your trusted HVAC technician.

  1. Improper Thermostat Setting

It is a common air conditioning myth that running the A/C continuously at its lowest setting will make cooling easier. Doing so will just pile up your energy bill. Adjusting the thermostat at 78 degrees when you are away will make a big difference. You can also make the temperature a bit warmer at night when you are ready to go to sleep. For every degree you increase your thermostat setting, you can save up to 5% in your cooling costs.

  1. Neglected HVAC Maintenance

The best way to take care of your HVAC system is by keeping a regular maintenance schedule. This procedure will ensure that the individual components of your HVAC system are in a good performance all year-round. System inefficiency usually starts with failing components. And when the system works inefficiently, a great amount of energy is being consumed by your air conditioning system. Neglecting your regular HVAC maintenance schedule will not just result in an inefficient system. It can also lead to early breakdown and replacement of your hard-earned investment.

Rockwall One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating Can Help!

Do not let your summer comfort break your bank. If it is additional insulation that your home needs, we have a variety of options designed for a comfortable indoor temperature that you can choose from. If you need help in keeping the efficiency of your HVAC system, our technicians are expert in providing maintenance services on all makes and models of air conditioning system. Give us a call, and we will take it from there!

5 Ways to Refresh Stale Indoor Air

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5 Ways to Refresh Stale Indoor Air

The hot summer weather in Rockwall, TX can greatly affect the air quality inside the house. This makes the air too stuffy and terribly stale. Generally, it is the result of poor ventilation, too high humidity, and the presence of different contaminants inside your home. Many people would crack their windows wide open to refresh the air, but there are other things that you can do to solve this issue.

  1. Open the window only for a short time.

Opening the windows is not a long-term solution for removing stale air from your home. Sometimes, instead of refreshing the air, an open window creates a sticky humidity inside and allow for the entry of allergens and pollutions. However, opening a few windows for a short time will not give much trouble to your indoor air. Just make sure not to open them while your A/C is running.

  1. Change your air filter.

Replacing or cleaning your air filters regularly can help reduce the presence of allergens and contaminants in the air. Depending on the kind of air filter you are using at home, you may need to have it replaced once a month or after 3-6 months. You should do this more often if you are living in areas with lots of construction going on.

  1. Turn on the fan.

You can remove stale air in your home by merely turning on the fan or setting your thermostat to “Fan Auto” mode. However, you should see to it that you have a clean air filter in your system. These two components allow air to recirculate inside your home without introducing allergens and contaminants in the air. The fan also keeps a cool sensation inside your home.

  1. Invest in a dehumidifier.

If you want a long-term solution for stale air, you can start by investing in a new filtration system or a dehumidifier. It does around the clock cleaning on your indoor air to ensure a healthy environment inside. Talk with your trusted HVAC contractor to know the right equipment for your unique home.

  1. Use natural cleaning supplies.

Cleaning your home regularly can help lessen allergies and pollutants in the air. Instead of using artificial air cleaners with chemicals that will soon end up in the air and into your lungs, better use natural cleaning supplies. You can also add plants inside to help detoxify the air.

Are you in doubt of the quality of the air you are breathing inside your home?  Schedule an indoor air quality inspection today. Call the professionals at Rockwall One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating for quality and reliable services.