7 Smart Ways To Save Energy This Fall Season

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Fall isn’t just all about picking fruits and getting all cozy and warm. It is also a great time to implement some energy-saving ideas to save you from spending too much on your energy bill. And as part of your preparation for the transition to a lower temperature, we have listed below seven smart ways to cut down on your energy usage when the cold season starts.

  1. Set back your thermostat

Setting the thermostat no higher than 68 degrees while you’re inside and lowering the heat when going to sleep or while away from home are smarts techniques to save on energy consumption. Take note that in every degree you lower the setting; you are saving about 2% on your heating cost.

  1. Clean air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators

If these components are blocked by any furniture or equipment, heat won’t be able to reach the different parts of your home. As a result, your HVAC system has to work harder and longer to give your home the right amount of heating it needs.

  1. Change the direction of your fan

Don’t you know that reversing the spin of your fan can save you a lot on your energy usage? The warmest air in your home can be found in your roof. Running the fan in a clockwise direction will pull the warm air down to your walls and into the spaces of your home.

  1. Take Advantage of the natural heat

You’re not supposed to let warm air out, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make use of the sun to heat your home. Open the blinds and curtains on the areas where the sun shines most and close them at the end of the day to lock the heat inside.

  1. Upgrade to the LED lighting system

You’ll be using your lighting system more in the cold season than you would in the summer. It will be a big issue if you are using incandescent light bulbs so be sure to upgrade to LED lighting as early as today. LED lights use less energy and last longer than incandescent bulbs.

  1. Check for drafts and leaks

The best defense that you can give your home against poor comfort and skyrocketing energy bill is proper insulation. The moderate weather of fall is a great time to check your insulation and fix drafts and leaks.

  1. Have your HVAC system checked

Schedule a regular HVAC maintenance service and get your units running in good condition to ensure its efficiency and boost your energy-saving goal.

Don’t let the cool weather catch you by surprise. Take these simple tips from our professional at Rockwall One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating and save big time in the months to come. Call us for more expert advice and reliable recommendation to keep your home’s heating efficiency.

What Causes My Compressor To Overheat?

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What Causes My Compressor To Overheat?

We have been receiving a lot of calls lately about A/C compressor overheating and as we can see it, most homeowners in Rockwall, TX are unaware of what’s causing this issue in their system. Aside from the fact of using your unit longer this season, another reason that’s causing this problem to happen is neglecting your system.

Read below and be informed of what’s causing your A/C compressor to overheat and what you should do about it.

  • Dirty Air Filters

In the process of preventing dust and dirt from being absorbed by your unit, the air filters can get an extreme accumulation of particles which if not removed, can bring too much pressure on the compressor. The excess pressure that is given to the unit also means longer and harder operation of the A/C which eventually causes it to blow out.

  • Unclean Condenser Coils

Since condenser coils are exposed to outdoor conditions, the build-up of dirt and pollutant deposits can happen very fast. Without regular cleaning, these particles become insulators which hinder the refrigerant from absorbing and removing heat from your home. As a result, the compressor will have to work more and overheat after a while.

  • Compressor Needs Replacement

Have you ever asked yourself how many years have you been using your air conditioning unit? If it has been servicing you for more than 15 years, you may need to get a replacement as soon as possible. There is a great chance that the parts are already wearing out and the compressor can no longer keep up with the demands of your home. So if you let it work longer, it might just overheat.

  • High Voltage and Short Circuit

High voltage surge can have a great impact on the capacitor which can cause the compressor to trip and overheat. Short circuit, on the other hand, is a rare situation but compressor overheating due to this can burn up your entire home.

  • Lack of Maintenance

If you own an HVAC system in your home, you are obliged to give your unit its regular dose of maintenance and tune-up. If neglected, it will take longer for your system to remove indoor heat and added pressure would be exerted on it. As results, overheating and system breakdown can happen any time of the day.

A/C Compressor overheating and overall system failure should be one of your greatest nightmares for your Rockwall, TX air conditioning system. So to be sure that your unit is safe all the time, you should get in touch with a reputable HVAC company to secure your device. With that, Rockwall One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating can help. Schedule an appointment with us today!