5 Things to Check If Your Furnace Is Not Working

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5 Things to Check If Your Furnace Is Not Working

Are you among the many homeowners in Rockwall, TX who automatically loses their temper when the furnace stops working? We can’t blame you on that and no one loves the negative temperature inside the home. When you have a failing furnace, it is never a bad idea to call an expert for professional diagnoses. But did you know that there are easy checks that you can safely perform?

Start by fixing these 5 simple issues that cause your furnace to stop working. But if you find the task too hard, you can always seek help from the pro.

  1. Dirty Furnace Filters

Is your furnace having a hard time blowing heat in your home? Dirty furnace filters can be the reason behind its struggle. The dust and dirt accumulated in the filters restrict the flow of air, making it hard for your furnace to deliver as much heat as it is supposed to.

Cleaning or replacing furnace filters is crucial in keeping the unit’s proper operation and it’s actually a job that you can do yourself. You just need to purchase the filter and refer to the manufacturer’s manual for the procedure.

  1. Thermostat Issue

A faulty thermostat results in a faulty furnace. But do not worry, solutions might just be as simple as cleaning the device and replacing the batteries.  Just open the thermostat box and brush the dirt away. How often should you replace the batteries depends on many factors. If it has been a long time since your last replacement, now is probably the time to do it.

  1. The Furnace Is Turned Off

It may sound like a no-brainer, but there are times that homeowners complain that their furnace is not working only to find out that it is turned off. This often happens after a maintenance or repair service. Be sure to check the switch if it is in the ON mode.

  1. Air-Way Problems

Check if there are big appliances blocking the airways. Blocked vents and registers can reduce the efficiency of your furnace, giving your home insufficient heat to no heat at all. It is important to keep airways clear of debris and blockages for your furnace to operate properly.

  1. Maintenance Issue

Among the most common reasons why furnaces stop working is lack of maintenance. This is crucial in keeping the components in good condition. You can do basic maintenance tasks like checking the airflow, replacing filters and removing dirt. All the complex inspections should be undertaken by the experts.

Do not be afraid to do these simple checks if your furnace is not working. If something goes wrong or you doubt your skills, you can always seek professional support from our technicians at Rockwall One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating. Just call us, and we’ll be there!


Say Goodbye to Fall Allergies With These Helpful Tips

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Say Goodbye to Fall Allergies With These Helpful Tips

The beautiful weather of fall comes at a price: ALLERGIES. Ragweed and molds are abundant this time of the year, giving great stress and discomfort to many people. Did you know that there are easy ways to combat sneezing, itchy throats and sniffling brought on by these unwanted guests? You can find relief from these helpful tips:

·        Remove  Dead Leaves

Among the places that molds love to thrive and multiply is in dead leaves. It is because moisture accumulates in the leaves and molds feed on them. If you are a sensitive person, you should hire a handyman to remove those leaves in your yard.

·        Do Not Dry Clothes Outside

It is true that you can save money by drying your clothes outside. But by doing this, you are also giving allergens an opportunity to enter your home and cause trouble. If you have family members who are allergy-sensitive, it is better to stick with the machine dryer.

·        Invest in HEPA Filters

This type of filter can efficiently trap even the smallest particles and allergens that flow with the air. Its fine mesh screen is very helpful in keeping your indoor atmosphere free of allergy-causing particles.

·        Keep A Tidy Home

HEPA filters are powerful in filtering allergens in the air, but you cannot rely on it in getting rid of the allergens in the floor and carpets. That is when you will need to schedule a regular vacuum cleaning in your home.

·        Don’t Forget to Wash

Be sure to change clothes and wash after staying outdoors for a long time. There is a high possibility that you are carrying pollen and other allergy-causing particles in your clothes, shoes and in some parts of your body which can be transferred in your sheets and pillowcases.

·        Avoid Going Out During Peak Pollen Times

Pay attention to pollen count reports and be sure to stay indoors when pollen counts rise. If you have emergency errands to do outside, be sure to use antimicrobial masks for protection.

·        Clean your Filters

Your air filter should be kept clean to keep your system’s efficiency. Additionally, it helps in removing allergy-causing particles like pollen and molds in the air. Your regular HVAC maintenance check will secure that you have a clean and properly-functioning air filter in your home.

Do not let allergy symptoms hinder you from enjoying the fine weather of fall. Follow these tips from our professionals at Rockwall One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning. If you need expert services in your home, feel free to give us a call.