6 Effective Energy Saving Tips This Spring

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6 Effective Energy Saving Tips This Spring

The coming of the new season means another opportunity for you to evaluate your home. Kick off your eco-friendly home make-over with this helpful and effective spring energy-saving tips from the professionals at Rockwall One Hour!

Be smart with your thermostat

The ideal thermostat setting for the warm weather varies, but experts agree at 78 degrees. However, if you are in for more savings, raising the thermostat above 78 degrees can give you 6 to 8 percent off on your energy consumption. You can do this when you’re ready to leave, and no one is left in your home. Installing a programmable thermostat is also a smart choice, as you can manipulate and program the setting based on your daily routines.

Embrace natural ventilation

Springtime is the best time to create a cross breeze in your home for a natural cooling effect. Open your windows in the evening and close them in the morning before the day warms up. Investing in an insulated, thermal-back window curtains will also help keep heat from entering your home through the windows.

Invest in Energy Star appliances

Energy Star qualified appliances are proven effective in their operation and can help you save on your energy bill, big time. If you care about your comfort, energy consumption, and the environment, these types of appliances are the best pick on your next purchase.

Cook outside

The good spring weather is a good opportunity to do outdoor activities with your family. Simple outdoor cooking and grilling will make a big difference in your energy consumption. Instead of cooking in the kitchen and make your air conditioner work overtime, cook outside with your family and save your home from getting filled with excess heat and vapor.

Insulate your home

Proper insulation works for all seasons. In the warm weather of spring and summer, don’t let the conditioned air escape through the cracks and openings in your home. Seal the air leaks and cut cost on your energy consumption by up to 30%. Additionally, it will boost the durability of your home’s foundation and create a healthier indoor environment.

Give your air conditioner a tune-up

Spring and summer are the seasons of air conditioners. Are you one of the many homeowners in Rockwall, TX who think that their A/C units are in good condition since they’re idle in the long winter months? You are wrong. Issues may still happen even in its rest period, not to mention the dust and dirt accumulation and the wiring issues caused by rodents lurking on the system, etc. Spring is the best time to do a complete A/C tune-up. From inspection to diagnosis to extensive repairs, a maintenance service will guarantee that you have a well-performing unit when the heat wave steps in.

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Tell-tale Signs You Need to Modify or Replace Your Ductwork

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Tell-tale Signs You Need to Modify or Replace Your Ductwork

When there are comfort issues at home, the heating and cooling systems always take the blame. What homeowners do not know is that a failing duct system can also be causing this chaos. If your ductwork was installed over 20 years ago, you need to pay attention to these signs that signify the time for duct modification or replacement.

Kinks and Damages

Walk around your duct system and see if you can spot large holes, separated or barely hanging sections. Nothing lasts forever, and your ductworks can get damaged, worn down and ripped over time. This only happens if weight is placed on it or anything has fallen. If you notice these signs on your personal inspection, contact the professional right away.

Airflow and Static Friction

Airflow problems are often the results of incompatible HVAC and ductwork systems. You may need to modify the supply or return vents to keep their proper functions. Sometimes, modification includes replacing plenums and grills with the right size, adding vents and using different filters. Static pressure and airflow issues can also be solved by calling a professional to make some adjustments in the duct system.

Unnecessary Noises

Strange noises such as shaking, rattling, and whistling are indications that you need immediate ductwork repair or replacement. These noises can only mean loose and unsecured portions and the presence of holes and air leaks. Call a licensed technician and discuss about duct sealing and insulation right away.

Hot and Cold Spots

The most common sign that you need to work on your duct system is the uneven temperature. The hot and cold spots that you experience are due to improper duct sizing, unbalanced supply/return vents, obstructions, and leaks. Bring back the comfort in your home by repairing or replacing the duct system immediately.

Indoor Air Pollution

Do you feel like your home is always dusty even after a general cleaning and filter replacement? The culprit lies in your ineffective duct system. The leaks and holes in the duct sip and lead dust, dirt and even fumes into your home, giving huge negative impact to your overall well-being.

Even if you notice all these signs, you should not attempt to work on your duct system. Just like your unit, the ductwork services are complex tasks that require professional hands. Instead, talk to your local HVAC team in Rockwall, TX and get the service done professionally.

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