Indoor Air Quality Improvement Solutions

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Indoor Air Quality Improvement Solutions

If you think air pollution is only for the outside environment, you better think again! 

It’s a sad fact that indoor air can be five to ten times more polluted than the outdoors. Unless you want to fill your lungs with contaminated air, it is important that you invest in effective indoor air quality improvement solutions for your home. As your local HVAC and Indoor Air Quality specialist in Rockwall, TX, we give you these effective recommendations to boost your IAQ all year-round!

Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers

With the use of high-efficiency filters and special technologies, air cleaners and purifiers are well-known for removing dust, dirt, and pollutants in the air. If you have pets at home or you are living with people who are prone to allergies and respiratory problems, installing one will help improve their comfort. These devices can be incorporated with your current HVAC system but can also be installed as a standalone device.

  • Eliminates Allergens
  • Traps Tobacco and Cigarette Smoke
  • Removes Radon Gas
  • Lessens Contamination in Hospitals
  • Increases Air Circulation
Air Humidifiers & Air Dehumidifiers

Among the factors that contribute to poor indoor air quality is the humidity level in your home. Too high humidity can cause stuffy air, which is a perfect breeding ground for allergens, bacteria, and mildew. Condensation also increases and causes the wooden frames to rot. Too low humidity, on the other hand, makes the air too dry and aggravates respiratory conditions. Itchy eyes, dry throat, nosebleeds, and static electricity are most common when humidity is low.

Air humidifiers and dehumidifiers are the most effective tool in keeping indoor humidity at the right level. Be sure to pair up your HVAC system with these devices for better comfort throughout the year.

Ventilators and Ventilation System

Keeping a proper entrance and exit of air is an effective way to keep your indoor air healthy. Good ventilation and ventilator systems are effective in moving stale or polluted air out and clean, fresh air in.

  • Control Impurities
  • Air Regulation
  • Stop Condensation
  • Reduce Temperatures
  • Health Benefits

Do you need any of these in your Rockwall, TX home? Feel free to contact us at Rockwall One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating. We provide high-end HVAC and IAQ products and services that are worthy of your investment. Schedule an appointment with us today!

The Most Common Air Conditioning Problems Homeowners Face

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The Most Common Air Conditioning Problems Homeowners Face

Air conditioning units are composed of complex mechanical features that, in no particular time, can fail and cause discomfort in homes and commercial spaces. Since the hot season has finally arrived and you are running your air conditioning units in full blast, it’s probably just right to know these common A/C problems that you might experience any time of the day.

  • Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant is a very important component of your system since it is responsible for giving your home cool air. If your system runs with low refrigerant level, you will most likely experience uneven temperature or no cooling at all. Refrigerant insufficiency is caused by leaks in the system which needs an immediate solution. You should call your trusted HVAC company in Rockwall, TX for expert assistance.

  • A/C Cools Unevenly

There are many reasons why you have fluctuating temperature including but not limited to blocked vents, poor insulation, and ductwork leaks. While blocked vents simply need to be unblocked, insulation and ductwork issues will need professional assistance. Before spending too much on poor comfort, be sure to schedule a repair service with your trusted HVAC technician right away.

  • Outside Fan Not Working

The outside fan plays a crucial role in heat transfer. If it’s not working properly, your unit will fail to convey the heat from your home to the outside air. This can lead to overheating compressor and tripping of the safety overload. It can even cause internal damage in the compressor which is too expensive to repair. If you think the outside fan is not working on your unit, schedule a professional A/C repair in Rockwall, TX for a complete solution.

  • Frozen Coils

A frozen coil is particularly caused by airflow issue. This can happen if you have dirty air filters or obstructed return air ductwork. This could also be the result of low refrigerant level. This case can easily be solved by regular A/C maintenance service so be sure you do not neglect your schedule. If you notice ice build-up on your unit, call a trusted HVAC company for professional repair.

  • Strange Noises

A/C units usually produce soft operating sounds, but if yours seem to be loud and irritating noises, that’s a completely different matter.  Different noises mean different problems. If you notice disturbing clatters whenever you run your unit, don’t hesitate to have it checked by a reputable HVAC company in Rockwall, TX.

Do you need help in keeping your air conditioning unit in tip-top shape? Save your system’s warranty by letting our experts at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating do the job. Give us a call and schedule an appointment!