Top 5 Ways to Storm Proof Your Air Conditioner

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Top 5 Ways to Storm Proof Your Air Conditioner

We can’t avoid storms leading to frequent A/C repairs in Rockwall, TX. But do you know that there are things that you can do to limit the damages it can bring to your air conditioning units? Check out these storm-proofing tips from our professionals at Rockwall One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating.

Turn off your air conditioning unit

Switch off the thermostat and the breaker. Power interruptions are common during storms. Keeping the unit on will increase the risk of damages due to constant power fluctuations.

Cover your unit properly

We don’t advise covering your air conditioning unit for a long time as it can cause mold growth and rusting. However, we do suggest covering it up in the event of a huge storm. Use a waterproof tarp held in place by sandbags to cover the A/C. This will protect it from flying debris and frightened animals searching for a warmer place to stay. Remove the tarp after the storm and turn it on as soon as possible to prevent mold and rust.

Examine the area for hazard

Safety comes first, especially when safeguarding your air conditioning units. Before the storm hits, take time to check everything near your air conditioning units. Remove porch furniture, clip plants, and trees that can come off in heavy winds. These can interfere with your unit’s air circulation or fall and cause damage in the unit.

Install a Surge Protector

A whole-house surge protector is beneficial during a storm, especially during excessive lightning in Rockwall, TX. Installing a surge protector in your home can save your electrical appliances, including your air conditioning unit, from early replacement or expensive repair. Home improvements or hardware stores offer surge protectors, but we recommend for any A/C repairs in Rockwall, TX, to contact your trusted electricians.

Have your unit serviced

It pays to know the health of your unit before a storm. Existing issues like mold, rust, air circulation problems, and inefficiency can worsen during the bad weather condition. If you no longer have time, you can always submit your unit to a professional HVAC service when the storm passes.

If you need help in ensuring the proper performance of your air conditioning unit after the storm, just call our experts at Rockwall One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating. We provide expert A/C repair and maintenance in Rockwall, TX, and nearby areas. Schedule an appointment today!

What Happens When You Skip HVAC Filter Replacement?

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What Happens When You Skip HVAC Filter Replacement?

HVAC filters play a crucial role in keeping a comfortable home in Rockwall, TX. They trap particles in the air and serve as your first line of defense against allergens and air contaminants. Over time, these trapped particles will clog the filter and hinder proper airflow. If neglected, it can bring danger to the operation of your unit and your comfort and health. 

Check out what will happen if you skip regular HVAC filter replacement.

Restricted Air Flow

Regular cleaning and replacement are important for HVAC filters to get rid of the trapped dust, dirt, and air contaminants. When your unit runs with a clogged filter, airflow will be compromised, and this will be the root of many other serious issues in the system.

Uneven Temperature

A congested HVAC filter is among the most common reasons why you experience hot and cold spots in your home. Since airflow is constrained due to the accumulated particles in the filter, the cold air no longer reaches the other parts of the house and creates uneven temperature.

High Energy Bill

A dirty filter adds strain to your unit. And to meet the comfort demands of your home, it needs to work harder and longer than its normal operation. As a result, you will notice a significant increase in your energy usage compared to the time when you have a brand new and clean HVAC filter installed.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

If your unit works with a dirty filter, it will likely blow contaminated air in your home, increasing the chances of respiratory illnesses. If anyone from your family has severe asthma or allergies, keeping the HVAC filters clean should be your monthly priority.

Wear and Tear

A clogged filter has a serious effect on the components of your furnace. It can stress your unit and increase the chances of overheating. If you neglect HVAC filter maintenance, you might find your unit in need of expensive repairs or worse, early replacement due to faulty parts.

Replacing your filters regularly is an easy and important HVAC maintenance task. Be sure to schedule a regular furnace replacement or cleaning to prevent any of the situations mentioned above. If you need a complete system maintenance service (including filter replacement), feel free to talk to our experts at Rockwall One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating Call us now!

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