• 5 Things to Check Before Calling for Heating Repairs

    If you’re like most Mesquite, Texas, homeowners, you’ve been there before. It’s the dead of winter, and your home just keeps feeling colder throughout the day. You haven’t heard your heating system kick on for hours, and you start to wonder if you should give the heating experts at Rockwall Heating and Air a call. No homeowner wants to endure a furnace or heat pump breakdown, no matter the weather outside. Fortunately, not every heating system issue is cause for serious alarm. From thermostats to air filters, take a closer look at five things to check before calling for heating repairs. Power Issues As soon as you notice that... Read More

  • 4 Ways to Live an Energy-Efficient Lifestyle

    The beginning of each year comes with the motivation to start fresh and live better. Sticking with the goals of exercising and healthy eating can be difficult, but some goals may be easier to keep. Now is the perfect time to start the year off in a warm and more energy-efficient home. Achieving energy efficiency begins with habits that will save you money every month and leave your home more comfortable than it’s ever been. Here are four ways to maintain an energy-efficient lifestyle in your Rowlett, Texas. Get Rid of Vampire Energy Remember your parents telling you to always turn the light off when you leave a room? Do you say the same t... Read More

  • 6 Signs You Need a New Heating System

    With chilly weather right around the corner in Rockwall, Texas, you want to be sure your family is warm and cozy throughout the winter. Don’t let your furnace or heat pump surprise you with a sudden breakdown. Look for these six signs that you need a new heating system. The Pilot Light Is the Wrong Color When you heat your home with a gas furnace, you grow accustomed to seeing the pilot light burn a steady blue flame. If you notice the flame flickering or burning yellow, however, you could have a serious problem on your hands. A flickering yellow flame and streaks of soot on the furnace’s exterior are signs that the system is producing ... Read More

  • 4 Ways You Can Benefit from Preventive Maintenance This Fall

    Your heating and cooling systems are critical to your comfort in your Kaufman, Texas, home or business. From cooling relief in the summer to cozy warmth in winter, you rely on your HVAC systems in every season. Fortunately, HVAC manufacturers make durable products that offer you many years of reliable service. Without regular maintenance, however, even the best heater or air conditioner will rapidly decline in performance. Neglected systems can impact your health and finances too. Here are four significant benefits you can expect to enjoy when you sign up for a preventive maintenance program. Financial Savings For many, the opportunity to s... Read More

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