• Here’s a Tip: Upgrade Your Thermostat

    Technology has become an important aspect of our lives. They benefit us in many fields, like work, mobility, access to information, and more. However, did you know that technology also plays an important role in our indoor comfort? That’s right! Thanks to programmable thermostats! If you are still using the traditional thermostat, it may be time for you to upgrade to a programmable type. Here are some of the top benefits of a thermostat update: Convenience Programmable thermostats allow homeowners to set their desired temperature whether or not they are at home. Smart thermostats can be scheduled to adjust automatically and can... Read More

  • Top 5 Ways to Storm Proof Your Air Conditioner

    We can’t avoid the bad storms in Rockwall, TX. But do you know that there are things that you can do to limit the damages it can bring to your air conditioning units? Check out these storm-proofing tips from our professionals at Rockwall One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating. Turn off your air conditioning unit Switch off the thermostat and the breaker. Power interruptions are common during storms. Keeping the unit on will increase the risk of damages due to constant power fluctuations. Cover your unit properly We don’t advise covering your air conditioning unit for a long time as it can cause mold growth and rusting. Ho... Read More

  • What Happens When You Skip HVAC Filter Replacement?

    HVAC filters play a crucial role in keeping a comfortable home in Rockwall, TX. They trap particles in the air and serve as your first line of defense against allergens and air contaminants. Over time, these trapped particles will clog the filter and hinder proper airflow. If neglected, it can bring danger to the operation of your unit and your comfort and health.  Check out what will happen if you skip regular HVAC filter replacement. Restricted Air Flow Regular cleaning and replacement are important for HVAC filters to get rid of the trapped dust, dirt, and air contaminants. When your unit runs with a clogged filter, ai... Read More

  • Five Ways to Save Energy in the Summer

    Summer is a beautiful season which also calls for an increase in energy consumption. How’s that so? Well, think of how much you crank up the A/C to satisfy your comfort needs. Your kids will also spend more time inside, playing on their electronics.  And when they go out and play, you’ll be surprised to see piles of used clothes which need to be washed. The summer season truly comes with a price. But, do you know you can always have a counterpart for that? We’re not just your heating and cooling expert in Rockwall, TX. We can also be your go-to source of comfort and saving tips for the season! Check out these five helpful tips to save... Read More