• Thermostat Upgrade: Wise Control Turns Wiser

    Get more than what you get from your old thermostats. You deserve more when it comes to savings, comfort, and control. Upgrade your thermostats with these new innovations and level up in managing your home’s temperature, energy efficiency, and convenience. Reasons for Thermostat Upgrade Reduced Energy Bill If you think you’ve been saving enough on your old thermostat, think again. Upgrading your thermostat can double paybacks and energy efficiency with automatic adjustment. Enjoy 2% savings in every degree of increase or decrease in your thermostat setting. Advanced thermostats convert energy wastes to savings while ensuring comf... Read More

  • Watch Out For These Signs You Need Central AC Repair

    Are you wondering whether your air conditioning unit has stopped working or it’s all in your head? So when do you know that it’s time to bring in a professional repairman? Here are 6 signs that your central air conditioner needs repair. Reduced Airflow If you feel less cool air coming from your unit even when it’s on full blast, it’s an indication that there’s something wrong with your unit. It could be a faulty compressor or a clogged duct work. If you notice that your central AC is producing reduced airflow, call your local contractor for inspection. Strange Noise If your air conditioner starts screaming, then it could... Read More

  • 5 Simple Furnace Repairs

    Has your furnace gone out? Know that not every issue needs an HVAC technician on-site, so better check with the Rockwall Heating & Air’s list below for 5 easy furnace fixes and you’ll thank us later. Check the pilot light. If the pilot light does not light up or won’t stay lit, swap out the thermocouple. If there’s a wavering or flickering flame, the culprit could be a draft. Check and see if there are evident sources of drafts in your room. Sometimes, it happens when the cover panel of your furnace has been removed. Inspect the furnace filter. Dirty filters are among the common cause of furnace problems. A clogg... Read More

  • 5 Signs Of HVAC Scams You Need To Beware Of

    Whether your AC broke down in the midst of a hot summer day or your furnace died on a cold winter night, seeing a repairman is a relief. But don’t let your comfort need blind you. Beware of dishonest HVAC contractors who want nothing but to cheat on your money. Here are 5 signs of HVAC scams you need to beware of. Oversized AC units When it comes to HVAC systems, bigger is not always the better. Some HVAC contractors push you hard to buy bigger units without even checking the size of your home. And this is not normal. Ask for the formula they use in getting the load and size of your new air conditioner. Get a second opinion from a c... Read More

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