• Enjoy Summer Comfort Without Paying High Energy Bills With This Unit

    Keeping your home cool during summer is not always cheap. That’s why it’s important to look for a cost-efficient way to enjoy summer comfort without having to pay high energy bills. A split air conditioning system is an ideal choice for homeowners to enjoy a cool indoor space during hot summer days. Here’s a list of the benefits of installing a split air conditioner. Versatile One of the best things about a split air conditioner is that it can be installed almost anywhere, unlike a window AC. Plus, a window type AC does not require expensive ducts of large holes in your wall. The outdoor compressor can also be mounted away from... Read More

  • Why Is It Important To Clean Your Air Ducts

    After many years of using your heating and air cooling systems, dust, dirt and other particles may have accumulated in your air duct and the only way to remove them is to clean the duct. When left unattended, your air duct would surely get clogged and can bring anything harm to you and your family. Here are compelling reasons why you should have a clean air duct: To Eliminate the Health Risks of Dirty Air Ducts Most homeowners aren’t aware that clogged and dirty ducts can be the biggest culprit behind allergic reactions. When your duct gets clogged and dirty, it will trap allergens that are passing through it. The more allergens ar... Read More

  • Things to Do When Buying a New AC Unit

    First off, when buying a new air conditioning unit, you need to be patient. Don’t go into rush when making decisions because when you make the wrong choice, it would be tough to justify ripping the new AC and buying a new one again. Here’s a list of what you can do when buying a new air conditioner. Take it slowly. As mentioned above, you don’t have to rush in buying a new system. Buying a new air conditioning unit is an expensive decision, so it is vital to take ample time to find the right unit that meet your exact needs and budget. In the meantime, while doing your research, handle the heat by using portable window air conditi... Read More

  • The Dangers of DIY AC Repair

    When your air conditioner starts developing issues, it can be inviting to repair it by yourself especially if it’s as simple as replacing the filter or flipping the breaker. However, when things get more complex, it can be extremely risky to do DIY repairs. Beware of the following dangers of fixing your AC by yourself. It takes too much time. If you try to fix your faulty unit by your own, you will realize that the amount of time needed to complete the job is not worth it. Just like learning a new skill, learning to repair your air conditioner is associated with a learning curve. The better option is to hire a professional air condit... Read More

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