• Power Outage And Your Furnace

    Winter storm is on its way and expect some cases of power interruptions. And this isn’t good to your furnace. Here’s what to do when the lights are back on yet your furnace is not yet giving you the proper warmth that you need. Check the breaker panel. Sometimes, power outage damages the breaker panels of furnaces and heat pump. It’s good to check this part of your units before calling a professional’s help. If the breaker of your furnace isn’t labeled, look for 15A breakers and check if they are tripped.  If you’re using a heat pump system, be sure to diagnose both the breakers in the indoor and outdoor units. Breaker p... Read More

  • Why Your Home Isn’t Heating or Cooling Evenly

    Uneven cooling and heating is just one of the many reasons why homeowners call Rockwall Heating and Air. Your HVAC unit should be able to cool or heat your home evenly, and in cases when it doesn’t, here are some common issues to blame. Ductwork Problems Leaks: The proper distribution of air is compromised when ductwork allows for air to escape causing uneven temperature inside your home. With the presence of leaks, your HVAC system needs to cycle on more frequently which leads to higher energy bill. Insulation. If your duct is not properly insulated, temperature change may happen on the air that passes through it. Depending on t... Read More

  • Benefits Of HVAC Inspection

    In spite of the great benefits of regular HVAC inspection, most homeowners still prefer having their units inspected only when an emergency arises. That’s why they always find themselves facing costly repairs for their heating and cooling units. Or worst, they bid an early goodbye to their hard-earned possessions. Don’t let these things happen to you. Join the list of savvy homeowners who enjoy these benefits offered by regular HVAC inspection. Extended Lifespan HVAC inspection extends the durability period of your heating and cooling system which is a great advantage on your part. Normally, 15 years is already the maximum lifesp... Read More

  • Thermostat Upgrade: Wise Control Turns Wiser

    Get more than what you get from your old thermostats. You deserve more when it comes to savings, comfort, and control. Upgrade your thermostats with these new innovations and level up in managing your home’s temperature, energy efficiency, and convenience. Reasons for Thermostat Upgrade Reduced Energy Bill If you think you’ve been saving enough on your old thermostat, think again. Upgrading your thermostat can double paybacks and energy efficiency with automatic adjustment. Enjoy 2% savings in every degree of increase or decrease in your thermostat setting. Advanced thermostats convert energy wastes to savings while ensuring comf... Read More

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