Do You Need a Humidifier This Winter?

It’s not unusual that during the cold months, you can experience problems with low humidity in your Rockwall, TX, home. Ideally, the humidity in residential homes should be between 30 and 50 percent. You can measure the relative humidity in your home with a hygrometer, an instrument similar to a thermometer. You can purchase a hygrometer at your local home improvement store. If you constantly struggle with dry indoor air, you could likely benefit from a humidifier.

What Does a Humidifier Do?

A humidifier replenishes the moisture that is removed from the air by the heating system. Humidifiers are available in various sizes, from portable units to whole-house systems. A whole-house humidification system replenishes moisture in the air throughout the entire home.

Signs of Low Humidity

It’s not hard to tell when the humidity in your home is low. Typical signs include:

Static Electricity

If you get a shock when you touch objects or persons, the humidity in your home is likely too low. Though static electricity is usually just an inconvenience, the unpredictable shocks can ruin computers and electronic equipment. A humidifier replaces the moisture in the air, reducing the likelihood of static electricity.

Effect on Furnishings

Low humidity can dry out, crack, and distort your wood trim and furniture. Dry air can crack and damage wooden instruments, like guitars and pianos, too. Additionally, your houseplants dry out faster and require more frequent watering.

Dry Skin, Breathing Issues

When the air is too dry in your home in the winter, your skin becomes dry, your eyes get itchy and, if you suffer from asthma, you may become symptomatic. Many doctors recommend humidifiers for their asthma patients.

Restoring Comfort

Low humidity levels don’t only lead to discomfort and damage to furnishings and equipment. As a result of the dry air, you might find yourself constantly adjusting the thermostat to try to improve the indoor air quality. This can actually affect your energy consumption and increase your heating bills.

If you would like to explore humidification options for your home, schedule an appointment with Rockwall Heating and Air, Inc. by calling 972-961-3146 today. We are a Carrier Factory Authorized dealer, serving residential and commercial customers in Rockwall and surrounding communities.

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