• What Goes Wrong When You Have Clogged Air Filters?

    Did you know that when air filters are clogged with dirt, dust and other particles, the chance of system breakdown is high? If you have not known it yet, here is a list of dangerous possibilities when your system’s air filters are blocked: High Energy Bill Your system’s blower fan is essential for consistent recirculation of your heating and cooling system. With clogged air filters, however, the fan finds it too hard to draw air throughout your home. As it struggles to move air, the higher energy bill is consumed by your system which leads to higher costs. Cleaning air filters can help homeowners decrease their overall energy use by... Read More

  • What Do Commercial Air Conditioner Ratings Mean?

    You probably run across different rating terminologies when buying a new commercial air conditioning system. These ratings can greatly affect one’s decision as to what type of air conditioning unit is the best fit for commercial spaces. Generally, almost 50% of energy usage in commercial buildings are accounted for heating and cooling units. Hence, it is important to understand what these ratings mean. If the letters and numbers in the ratings are all Greek to you, here is helpful information that can explain various A/C ratings you are likely to encounter when you buy a new commercial unit. Efficiency Rating How efficient your com... Read More

  • 5 HVAC Repair Scams & How to Avoid Them

    Just like any other trades in the industry, there are also deceitful technicians in HVAC businesses who give poor services, false deals and leave customers unsatisfied. With the growing numbers of HVAC repair scams, it is important to be wise in identifying and avoiding fraudsters before they bring great trouble in your home’s safety. Here are some of the most common HVAC scams and how to avoid them: Replacing Parts Which Do Not Need Replacement Fraud technicians would tell clients that the situation is pretty bad and there are faulty components that need to be replaced immediately. They even recommend a complete system replaceme... Read More

  • The How’s and Why’s of HVAC Zoning

    Have you ever experienced fighting over the thermostat with your little brother or any one whom you share the room with? Everybody has done that. With your central heating and cooling system, someone’s comfort can always be compromised. If you want to set your home temperature at a level comfortable for everyone in the house, HVAC zoning is the key. Find out how it works and why you should have one in your home. How HVAC Zoning Works The number of heating and cooling zones in a typical home is 2 or 3 in common. These zones are normally separated between each floor.  Each zone is controlled by an individual thermostat so the temper... Read More