• The How’s and Why’s of HVAC Zoning

    Have you ever experienced fighting over the thermostat with your little brother or any one whom you share the room with? Everybody has done that. With your central heating and cooling system, someone’s comfort can always be compromised. If you want to set your home temperature at a level comfortable for everyone in the house, HVAC zoning is the key. Find out how it works and why you should have one in your home. How HVAC Zoning Works The number of heating and cooling zones in a typical home is 2 or 3 in common. These zones are normally separated between each floor.  Each zone is controlled by an individual thermostat so the temper... Read More

  • HVAC Preparation Tips For Spring

      Spring will be knocking at your doorstep a few days from now. This can be a reason for celebration, but most importantly, the best time to have your units inspected and prepared for the next heat wave. During the long hot days, a properly operating air conditioning system is an important necessity in homes. To save yourself from worrying over a faulty cooling system, here are helpful spring tips that you should take note. Schedule a seasonal HVAC tune-up. When the hot season strikes, you depend on your air conditioning units for cool comfort. But just like all other home appliances, it also needs regular tune-up to keep it... Read More