• What Causes My Compressor To Overheat?

    We have been receiving a lot of calls lately about A/C compressor overheating and as we can see it, most homeowners in Rockwall, TX are unaware of what’s causing this issue in their system. Aside from the fact of using your unit longer this season, another reason that’s causing this problem to happen is neglecting your system. Read below and be informed of what’s causing your A/C compressor to overheat and what you should do about it. Dirty Air Filters In the process of preventing dust and dirt from being absorbed by your unit, the air filters can get an extreme accumulation of particles which if not removed, can bring too mu... Read More

  • 5 Risks of DIY A/C Repair

    Do you also get a sudden fear when you found out that your air conditioning unit needs a major repair? We bet everyone does! After all, repair expenses can really cut a large portion out of your budget. And this is also the most common reason why many homeowners in Rockwall, TX would rather do the fixing themselves than to call an expert for the job. But did you know that with DIY fixes, you are putting your unit in great jeopardy? We have here five of the many risks of DIY A/C repairs. Take time to read and learn! DIY Repair Can Put An End To Your Warranty Air conditioning units are great investments and a warranty service after y... Read More

  • How A Great A/C Improves Your Life

    Do you still doubt the benefits of having a well-performing air conditioning unit in your home?  Well, let us share with you just how a proper air conditioning can improve your health and living. Gives You Clean, Breathable Air When we say air conditioners, the first thing that pops out of our mind is the temperature. But did you know that this machine also helps in keeping a better indoor environment? A good air conditioning unit makes breathing in and breathing out easy and safe for you and your family. Having clean air is crucial to prevent asthma, allergies, breathing difficulties and even improves the level of comfort inside. ... Read More

  • 3 Reasons You’re Losing $$$ in Cooling Your Home

    It is already an obvious fact for many homeowners in Rockwall, TX that as the outside temperature increases, so is their energy bill. But, did you know that it does not have to be this way? Here are the most common reasons why you are spending big bucks on your monthly cooling expenses. We have also included some helpful tips to save money without sacrificing the comfort inside your home. Poor Insulation When the hot outdoor air enters your home, that is when the real pressure on your air conditioning system begins. Your unit tends to work harder and longer which means, a greater amount of energy is consumed. With proper insulation, m... Read More