• Gas vs. Oil: Which Furnace Is Better?

    Choosing between gas and oil furnaces is not something you can decide quickly. Since you will be committing years of your comfort to the unit, it is important that you understand every option you have. To help you sort things out, check out this crucial information that you need to know about gas and oil furnaces. Then, you can use this data to decide which one is best for your home. But take note, be sure to have a professional HVAC expert like Rockwall One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating to guide you in your decision-making. Pros and Cons Of Gas Furnaces You can enjoy a lot of benefits in installing a gas furnace in your home. A gas-fu... Read More

  • Is It Time To Have A New Furnace This Year?

    Are you bothered by the operation of your furnace and feel like you need to buy a new one? We can help you decide with these tell-tale signs of a failing heating system. If you are experiencing these issues, it is definitely time to purchase a brand new unit for your Rockwall, TX home. Old Furnace Is your furnace more than 15 years old? If it is, experts recommend you do not delay the replacement. Old units are more prone to issues because the components are already worn out. Additionally, it may still be working but no longer as efficient as before. High Energy Bills Did you experience a sudden increase in your gas or electri... Read More

  • How Your Furnace Humidifier Actually Works (and Why You Should Have One)

    If you think installing a furnace humidifier in the cold months seem unnecessary, think again. When you start to run your furnace, you are exposed to dry air which can cause chapped skin, itchy nose, and throat, and other uncomfortable cases brought by too low humidity. To prevent these issues, install a furnace humidifier in your Rockwall, TX home. Learn how a furnace humidifier can help give you a comfortable living space this cold season. How Does a Furnace Humidifier Work? A furnace humidifier helps in adding moisture in your indoor air. The device is installed in the hot air supply of the furnace which is connected to the ductwork and... Read More

  • 5 Things to Check If Your Furnace Is Not Working

    Are you among the many homeowners in Rockwall, TX who automatically loses their temper when the furnace stops working? We can't blame you on that and no one loves the negative temperature inside the home. When you have a failing furnace, it is never a bad idea to call an expert for professional diagnoses. But did you know that there are easy checks that you can safely perform? Start by fixing these 5 simple issues that cause your furnace to stop working. But if you find the task too hard, you can always seek help from the pro. Dirty Furnace Filters Is your furnace having a hard time blowing heat in your home? Dirty furnace filters ... Read More