• Five Ways to Save Energy in the Summer

    Summer is a beautiful season which also calls for an increase in energy consumption. How’s that so? Well, think of how much you crank up the A/C to satisfy your comfort needs. Your kids will also spend more time inside, playing on their electronics.  And when they go out and play, you’ll be surprised to see piles of used clothes which need to be washed. The summer season truly comes with a price. But, do you know you can always have a counterpart for that? We’re not just your heating and cooling expert in Rockwall, TX. We can also be your go-to source of comfort and saving tips for the season! Check out these five helpful tips to save... Read More

  • Benefits of Using Ceiling Fans in the Summer

    The use of ceiling fans started in the late 1880s and has steadily increased popularity in the 20th century. These are helpful appliances which can easily be owned with a small amount of investment. They lost their fame as air conditioning units are introduced but made a major comeback during the energy crisis in the 1970s. Since then, ceiling fans became already part of the constant home fixtures in the US. If you haven’t known it yet, ceiling fans offer a host of benefits to many homeowners: Reduced Energy Costs Don’t get it wrong, ceiling fans don’t actually reduce the temperature inside. But, if you run them along with your a... Read More

  • Summer Allergies & Indoor Air Quality

    A host of summer allergies are waiting right next to your doorstep. Are you ready to save your health from the pronounced threat due to poor IAQ? Many homeowners in Rockwall, TX are not aware of how unhealthy indoor air can trigger your summer allergies and what you can do to reduce its effects. If you’re one of them, then don’t leave this page yet! The Effects of Summer Allergies You may think that the flu seasons have finally ended but the sniffles aren’t over. You may be surprised to realize that there are things in your indoor air quality that cause you to experience allergic discomfort. The most common effects of summer allergies ... Read More

  • Common A/C Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid

    After buying an A/C unit, the next thing you probably think is to have it correctly installed, don’t you? If you want to trade that hefty investment for long-term comfort, then consider a proper installation for your air conditioning unit and avoid wrong actions in the first stage. Here are the common A/C installation mistakes you should avoid: Not Calling Professional Installers For complex jobs like A/C installation, you can never question why professional attention is required. But when we say professional, it doesn’t simply mean getting service from people in uniform with a handful of training and knowledge about installation. These ... Read More