• How To Prepare Your A/C for Springtime Use

    Springtime is coming! Plants and trees are beginning to grow, the flowers are starting to blossom, and everyone is getting excited to start the spring fun! Before you beat the rush, have you thought about checking and preparing your A/C before the spring finally sets in? If you’re not sure, then, here are some ways to prep up your A/C for springtime: Change your Air Filter Regularly Cleaning and changing your air filter can make your cooling system work efficiently. Experts recommend that your air filters must be changed every three months. If your air filters are not clean, it will produce poor air quality, and this can be really h... Read More

  • A/C Replacement in Rockwall, TX: 3 Factors to Consider

    With the fast-rising temperature in Rockwall, TX, you don’t need us to remind you that sooner or later, you will be firing up your air conditioning units in full force. The question is, is your unit ready to face the next heat wave? If you think your air conditioning system is already working on borrowed time, don’t hesitate to invest in an A/C replacement service right away. If you’re a bit unsure if it’s time for a major A/C upgrade, here are some factors that you need to consider in your decision. How Old is Your Air Conditioning Unit? As your trusted heating and cooling expert in Rockwall, TX, we are not going to tell y... Read More

  • 6 Effective Energy Saving Tips This Spring

    The coming of the new season means another opportunity for you to evaluate your home. Kick off your eco-friendly home make-over with this helpful and effective spring energy-saving tips from the professionals at Rockwall One Hour! Be smart with your thermostat The ideal thermostat setting for the warm weather varies, but experts agree at 78 degrees. However, if you are in for more savings, raising the thermostat above 78 degrees can give you 6 to 8 percent off on your energy consumption. You can do this when you’re ready to leave, and no one is left in your home. Installing a programmable thermostat is also a smart choice, as you can mani... Read More

  • Tell-tale Signs You Need to Modify or Replace Your Ductwork

    When there are comfort issues at home, the heating and cooling systems always take the blame. What homeowners do not know is that a failing duct system can also be causing this chaos. If your ductwork was installed over 20 years ago, you need to pay attention to these signs that signify the time for duct modification or replacement. Kinks and Damages Walk around your duct system and see if you can spot large holes, separated or barely hanging sections. Nothing lasts forever, and your ductworks can get damaged, worn down and ripped over time. This only happens if weight is placed on it or anything has fallen. If you notice these signs on you... Read More