• What is A Smart Air Purifier and How Does it Work?

    Have you come across the terms ‘smart air purifiers’? You probably think that these are the usual home comfort equipment and the word ‘smart’ is the only thing that makes the difference. You are right. In fact, this will give you a clue about the key features that these devices contain. By the end of this post, you will be equipped with the information you need to know about smart air purifiers- from the way they work to what makes them different from the usual devices. What is an Air Purifier? Air purifiers are special devices used to remove harmful airborne particles by taking in dirty air, filtering harmful particles and pumpi... Read More

  • Air Balancing: 6 Ways to Prevent Hot and Cold Spots

    Simply put, air balancing means delivering a sufficient amount of hot and cold air to the different parts of your home. It improves air circulation to enhance the performance of your heating and cooling system. We have listed below some important ways to air-balance your home. You can perform the easy tasks, but there are also those that require HVAC technicians for professional air balancing in your residential place in Rockwall, TX. Try a 2-Degree Offset Uneven temperature is prevalent in multiple-story houses. If you have different thermostats for each story, try setting the temperature to a 2-degree offset. The 2-degree dif... Read More

  • Hardwired vs. Battery-Powered Smoke Alarms—Which Is For You?

    Incidents of fire can happen at any time of the day. The National Fire Protection Association recommends installing a smoke alarm in every bedroom to prevent great damage and loss when a fire occurs. There are two types of smoke alarms that you can use to secure your safety in your Rockwall, TX home - the hardwired and battery-operated smoke alarms. Here’s the summary of their differences: Installation A hardwired smoke alarm takes much effort in the installation. It needs to be connected to your home’s power supply to operate and may take proper wiring expertise for successful installation. The battery-operated thermostat, on th... Read More

  • Something To Watch For When Upgrading To Smart Thermostat

    Are you ready to invest in an all-new smart thermostat? It may sound easy but mind you, a lot of homeowners in Rockwall, TX have given us a quick call due to thermostat replacement issues. You do not need to walk on that same path. Check out these tips for a smooth thermostat upgrade. Smart Thermostats Need Low Voltage Units Before purchasing a smart thermostat, you should check if your HVAC system uses “low voltage” (24v) which is often termed as central heat or central air. Most smart thermostats work only for these kind of devices. Check the Wiring The next step after confirming compatibility is checking if there is eno... Read More