• How Your Furnace Humidifier Actually Works (and Why You Should Have One)

    If you think installing a furnace humidifier in the cold months seem unnecessary, think again. When you start to run your furnace, you are exposed to dry air which can cause chapped skin, itchy nose, and throat, and other uncomfortable cases brought by too low humidity. To prevent these issues, install a furnace humidifier in your Rockwall, TX home. Learn how a furnace humidifier can help give you a comfortable living space this cold season. How Does a Furnace Humidifier Work? A furnace humidifier helps in adding moisture in your indoor air. The device is installed in the hot air supply of the furnace which is connected to the ductwork and... Read More

  • 5 Things to Check If Your Furnace Is Not Working

    Are you among the many homeowners in Rockwall, TX who automatically loses their temper when the furnace stops working? We can't blame you on that and no one loves the negative temperature inside the home. When you have a failing furnace, it is never a bad idea to call an expert for professional diagnoses. But did you know that there are easy checks that you can safely perform? Start by fixing these 5 simple issues that cause your furnace to stop working. But if you find the task too hard, you can always seek help from the pro. Dirty Furnace Filters Is your furnace having a hard time blowing heat in your home? Dirty furnace filters ... Read More

  • Say Goodbye to Fall Allergies With These Helpful Tips

    The beautiful weather of fall comes at a price: ALLERGIES. Ragweed and molds are abundant this time of the year, giving great stress and discomfort to many people. Did you know that there are easy ways to combat sneezing, itchy throats and sniffling brought on by these unwanted guests? You can find relief from these helpful tips: ·        Remove  Dead Leaves Among the places that molds love to thrive and multiply is in dead leaves. It is because moisture accumulates in the leaves and molds feed on them. If you are a sensitive person, you should hire a handyman to remove those leaves in your yard. ·        Do Not Dry Clothes O... Read More

  • 7 Smart Ways To Save Energy This Fall Season

    Fall isn’t just all about picking fruits and getting all cozy and warm. It is also a great time to implement some energy-saving ideas to save you from spending too much on your energy bill. And as part of your preparation for the transition to a lower temperature, we have listed below seven smart ways to cut down on your energy usage when the cold season starts. Set back your thermostat Setting the thermostat no higher than 68 degrees while you’re inside and lowering the heat when going to sleep or while away from home are smarts techniques to save on energy consumption. Take note that in every degree you lower the setting; you ar... Read More